Applying for CPP disability

Service helps ease CPP disability applications

At The Co-operators, we review all files to determine if a plan member receiving disability benefits may qualify for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability. If it’s appropriate and in the plan member’s best interest, our in-house CPP co-ordination team can help the plan member apply to Service Canada.

Not all plan members automatically have to apply for CPP disability benefits. Our primary objective is to help plan members successfully return to work.

In situations where we feel a plan member will be unable to return to work and should apply for CPP disability benefits, we call them to outline the advantages of making a claim. After our case manager contacts the plan member, they refer the file to a CPP application co-ordinator and a CPP advocate.

This team helps the plan member complete the application, including the extensive questionnaire, and gather the necessary medical documentation. This service is designed to ease the burden of the application process for the plan member, so they can focus on their health.

For more information on LTD and applying for CPP disability benefits, contact your Group Benefits Advisor today.