Benefits Now® tips and resources

Ensure you have correct coverage for your plan members and avoid delays in payment:

  1. Whether it’s for a new employee, a termination, or a dependent change, enter new or updated employee information within 31 days of the effective date. This will ensure accurate coverage is being provided and help avoid unnecessary follow-up tasks at a later date.
  2. Don’t forget to activate all coverages for plan members and each dependent. This step is often overlooked because it’s separate from adding the dependent’s name to the system.
  3. Remind plan members to accurately enter their Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) under the Personal Information section of Benefits Now® for Plan Members. Using EFT reduces paper processing and allows for faster payments. It’s important for plan members to follow the posted instructions carefully, to ensure payments are sent to the correct account.

In Benefits Now you’ll find helpful resources, including:

  1. Articles like our Benefits U: Massage Therapy Coverage, and other product, service and industry updates.
  2. Answers to frequently asked questions.
  3. Click and Learn short videos that provide a better understanding of your benefits, including Plan Administration Basics.
  4. Forms like Disability Documents (new) will help you start disability claims and submit applications for disability benefits.

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