What’s available for members who lose benefits

Those who lose their group benefits can continue coverage for basic and optional life, and extended health care and dental. Show me the options.

Learn about Reasonable and Customary limits

R&C limits impact health, dental and prescription drug coverage in your Group Benefits plan. Find out how.

Student Eligibility form updates

Review best practices for submitting Student Eligibility forms and take note of important updates to the process.

Is your company ready for iGen?

Find out about the newest generation entering the workforce, and how best to attract and retain this group of digitally-minded individuals.

Preferred rate on health assessments available

Take advantage of Annual Health Assessments with a preferred rate through Medcan.

EI parental sharing benefit now in effect

Here’s what you need to know about the new EI parental sharing benefit that was implemented in March.

The rise of telemedicine and iCBT

The rise of telemedicine and iCBT

Learn about the increasing popularity of telemedicine, and the new digital offering available under our Extended Health Care plans.

Creating a pathway to positive mental health

Improving your workplace dynamic with an effective mental health strategy is vital for your organization’s future success. Here’s how we’ve started the process in our organization, and how we hope our learnings will benefit others.

Beware of blister packs

Make sure your plan members are aware that their costs could increase if they receive their maintenance medication in weekly blister packs.