Supporting our clients in Manitoba

If you are a client affected by the current flooding events in Manitoba, we are committed to supporting you through the insurance claims process. Our claims staff, third-party vendors, and contractors are working continuously to provide assistance to all our impacted clients.

Your safety and security are most important

During an extreme weather event, it’s critical to ensure that you and your loved ones are healthy, safe and accounted for. Please take these steps to stay safe and follow all local evacuation orders.

Policy advice & support

We understand this is a challenging time, and it may be helpful to have support when reviewing your current policy. Our Financial Advisors are available to answer your questions and provide personalized advice for your situation. Reach us online or call 1-877-682-5246. If you’re a Co-operators Group client, you can call 1-800-387-1963. You can also check your policy through Online Services.

Step-by-step claims process

If your property has been damaged, or if you have been evacuated, we are here to help make the claims process as easy as possible. You can conveniently start a claim through Online Services. If you need additional support, call our Claims Centre team at 1-877-682-5246. If you’re a Co-operators Group client call 1-800-387-1963. Service delays may occur due to claims volume, evacuation orders and road closures; however, we are here to work with you as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience.

Flexible payment options

We understand that some of our clients are facing financial challenges at this time. In anticipation of the possibility of payment interruptions due to the flood event, we’ve implemented various flexible payment options. Every situation is unique, and we’re committed to working with you to find flexible solutions that meet your needs. Contact your Financial Advisor or local office to discuss the payment options available.

Tips on how to prepare a claim

If you’re able, follow these tips to document damaged contents and/or areas when it’s safe to return to your property. This will help make your claims process easier and more efficient.

  1. Contact us as soon as you can to start your claim.
  2. Take photos of damaged items before you start cleaning or making repairs. You’ll need detailed photos of:
    1. Affected rooms, from corner to corner, and ceiling to floor
    2. Damaged personal property
    3. Damaged appliances and electronics (make and model, if available)
    4. How the water entered your property or premises
  3. Make a list of any discarded items.
  4. Keep track of the amount of time you spend cleaning and making repairs.