Mutual funds

Mutual funds are an easy and effective way to reach your financial goals. Through Co-operators Financial Investment Services Inc.,an introducing mutual fund dealer, your Mutual Fund Investment Specialist has access to a range of quality funds from some of Canada’s leading fund managers – including AGF, CI Investments, Dynamic Funds, Fidelity Canada, Franklin Templeton, Invesco Canada, Mackenzie Investments and NEI Investments. They can help you understand the different types (i.e., fixed income, balanced or equity) and find the ones that best meet your investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon.

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Benefits of mutual funds

  • Professional management: Your money is managed by the fund company’s professional portfolio managers that have extensive research capabilities and experience in selecting investments. They make the day-to-day decisions on what to invest in, based on the goal and objective of the mutual fund, which removes the need for you to make ongoing investment-related decisions.
  • Diversification: Markets can be unpredictable, and purchasing investments across products (e.g., stocks, bonds), sectors (e.g., technology, financial services) and geographies (e.g., Canada, U.S., the world) is a key component of managing risk; it can help to smooth out investment returns over the long-term. When you invest in a mutual fund, your money is pooled with other like-minded investors, so you’re able to own a much wider variety of investments than if you were to buy them individually on your own.
  • Convenience and flexibility: Mutual funds offer low minimum-investment amounts and the ability to make regular, pre-authorized contributions. As your financial circumstances and needs change over time, so too can the selection of mutual funds you choose to invest in.

Mutual funds are offered through Co-operators Financial Investment Services Inc. to Canadian residents except those in Quebec and the territories. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the Fund Facts before investing. Unless otherwise stated, mutual fund securities and cash balances are not insured nor guaranteed, their values change frequently, and past performance may not be repeated.

Co-operators Financial Investment Services an introducing mutual fund dealer and member of the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada.