Rethink the value of your gold

Rethink the value of your gold jewellery

These days, the meaning of “as good as gold” keeps getting better and better. Over the past 10 years, the average value of gold has increased dramatically. That means the value of your gold jewellery has increased, too, and experts say it will continue to go up. What better time to revisit your home insurance policy to make sure you have the right coverage for your valuables?

What your Home policy covers
Home insurance protects you from several types of losses. In addition to your home and property, it also covers everything you normally keep there, within the limits of your coverage.

Our Prestige Home policy covers up to $6,000 in total with a $4,000 per item limit for jewellery, watches, gems, fur garments and garments trimmed with fur if they are stolen or disappear mysteriously. There is also a limit for Goldware, Silverware and Pewterware of $15,000 for all insured losses.

Get extra coverage for your gold and other items
If you feel that the above limit isn’t enough, you may want to consider insuring an item separately as a Scheduled Personal Article. Other items you can schedule include cameras, fine art, musical instruments and more.

There’s no greater value than sentimental value. Keep your precious items locked up when not in use, either in a safe at home or in a safe-deposit box, and make sure clasps and closures are working properly before you wear them.