Give your teen the keys to distraction-free driving

Three years ago, almost all provinces banned the use of hand-held cellphones in vehicles to help prevent accidents. Today, research continues to show that distracted driving is still a serious concern, and teenagers are more likely to participate in distracting driving behavior because of their inexperience and increased use of mobile devices.

What is distracted driving?

There are four main distractions that can take your focus off of the road:

  • Looking at anything other than the road, like your phone or the radio.
  • Listening to something unrelated to driving, including talking to your passengers.
  • Using something not related to the operation of the car. Again, this relates to phone use, but also eating, drinking or checking your appearance in the mirror.
  • Not concentrating on the road. If you’re upset or preoccupied, get someone else to drive.

Other common actions that take your attention away from the road include adjusting climate controls and using your GPS. Make your adjustments before you leave, or wait for a red light.

Talking to teens about distracted driving habits

Make sure young drivers understand the dangers of distracted driving. Another way to inspire your young driver is to show the same level of dedication; consider taking the Leave the Phone Alone Pledge together, or check out our sample teen driving contract.