Life insurance and tax-advantaged savings all in one

What if, in addition to your life insurance policy providing security for your family’s way of life, you could enjoy tax-advantaged savings? A Whole Life participating policy gives you the protection of permanent life insurance with the added benefit of a savings component to help with life’s unexpected events.

How does a participating policy work?

The insurance company invests your premiums, along with those of other policyholders, in interest-bearing investments and then shares the performance with you in the form of dividends 1. Your policy accumulates a guaranteed cash value and dividends that you can withdraw or borrow against. You can even use the dividends to reduce and potentially pay your policy premiums.

You can put a Whole Life policy to work in many ways:

  • Whole Life > Estate™ allows you to leave tax-free money to loved ones and ensures there are funds to pay capital gains tax.
  • Whole Life > Ascend™ can help supplement your savings and retirement goal by using guaranteed cash values and potential dividends to earn tax-deferred cash growth.
  • Whole Life > Head Start™ provides coverage for your children at an age when premiums will be the lowest and establishes their insurability for later in life.

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1 Dividends are not guaranteed. Actual dividends paid out depend on the performance of the participating account.