It’s never too late to think about life insurance

Sometimes, when people are young, single and have no major financial obligations, they don't consider life insurance. When they get married and have a family, expenses increase and they feel it is unaffordable. Then when they retire, they think its too late and that it will be much harder and probably too expensive to get insured. In many cases, quite the opposite is true. 

Your financial situation changes over the course of your life, as do your life insurance needs. That’s why there are so many options for life insurance plans, which vary from simple to complex. Life insurance policies can be customized to meet even the most complicated family situations. In most cases, younger people with straightforward personal situations can get life insurance relatively easily.

The Co-operators offers insurance plans designed especially for older clients. Our life insurance products provide a small amount of basic life insurance coverage, without the hassle of medical tests or doctors’ reports, designed to cover final expenses, outstanding debts, taxes and medical bills.

If you haven’t considered life insurance and are concerned about maintaining your family’s lifestyle after you pass on, you might be pleasantly surprised by the options available today. For more information about life insurance and financial planning, contact your local Financial Advisor.