Community Economic Development (CED) Funds

The mission of the Community Economic Development (CED) Funds is to contribute to financial security for Canadians and their communities through community economic development. The funds support community economic development initiatives that lead to job creation and/or enhanced employability for marginalized youth and persons with mental health issues. Since the funds' inception in 1995, we’ve disbursed over $6.5 million through 349 grants.

2017 initiatives

In 2017, we granted a total of $521,000 to 24 organizations providing economic opportunities to marginalized youth and persons with mental health challenges, helping them build capacity for self-reliance.

Organization highlights

Learn about the organizations we funded in 2016 in our 2016 CED Annual Report.

Every year The Co-operators Foundation and Co-op TV collaborate to produce a video illustrating the types of impactful programming our CED Funds support. In 2016, The Co-operators donated a total of $260,000 to seven organizations that are helping welcome Syrian refugees to Canada. Our latest video highlights how our funding is helping Syrian refugees build a new life in Canada.

Application rounds

2018 and 2019

1)The spring 2018 funding round is now complete.

2)Spring 2019 funding round applications will be handed out starting October 15, 2018. Applications are due January 15, 2019 by 11:59 p.m. EST. For more information, email The Co-operators Foundation.