Executive biographies

Rob Wesseling

President and Chief Executive Officer

Roger Beauchemin

President and Chief Executive Officer, Addenda Capital Inc.

Kevin Daniel

Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer Co-operators Life Insurance Company
and President and Chief Operating Officer, The CUMIS Group Limited

Lisa Guglietti

Executive Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer, P&C Manufacturing

Bob Hague

Executive Vice-President, President Credit Union Distribution,
The CUMIS Group Limited

Paul Hanna

Executive Vice-President, Member Relations, Governance and Corporate Services

John Harvie

Chairperson of the Board, The Co-operators Group Limited

Rick McCombie

Executive Vice-President, Chief Client Officer

Steve Phillips

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Sovereign

Carol Poulsen

Executive Vice-President and Chief Information Officer

Karen Higgins

Executive Vice-President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer