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The Co-operators in your community

Co-operators staff and Financial Advisors have been making Canadian communities safer, healthier and more resilient for decades. As a co-operative, our commitment to communities is an operating principle that inspires us to take action, provide support and raise awareness when there’s a need.

As a national insurer, we see firsthand some of the challenges Canada is facing. An issue like distracted driving, which has become a factor in one in every four crashes, requires a greater co-ordination of efforts across the country. Mental wellness, in workplaces, and for young people, needs resources like Kids Help Phone and Teach Resiliency that we support; and our program, In Your Face and Interactive, which promotes responsible choices and emotional well-being.

As all of our companies subsidize two days per year for staff to volunteer in their community, we have formed multiple Volunteers In Action groups across our large staff centres and member companies. Volunteers in Action is a group of passionate Co-operators employees who meet regularly to help out people in their communities. Each group is employee driven and strives to bring volunteer opportunities to the larger employee group in their area.

To recognize the amazing community involvement of our Financial Advisors, we’ve developed the Community Achievement Award program which celebrates the seventh co-operative principle – Concern for Community. View the winners list and get to know some of our Financial Advisors. As well, we have established a number of Community Advisory Panels across Canada to create a forum where we interact with community members. The advice and recommendations we receive have a direct impact on our product and service offerings, as well as on matters relating to our community involvement.

In addition to the work we do in communities, we offer insurance products tailored to non-profits and volunteer organizations, providing coverage to ensure that their staff members and volunteers are safe.

Find out how The Co-operators is making our communities a better place for all of us.