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Dennis MacLeod

Thank you for visiting the Solve Insurance Services Inc website. Our team of professional staff is eager to serve you. We offer all lines of insurance and our specialists can customize your insurance portfolio to meet your specific needs.

My insurance career began in 1995 in Claresholm, Alberta. Since then, I have held a variety of positions representing The Co-operators. I enjoy helping people with all their insurance needs at a budget they can afford.

We have three convenient locations to help serve you in the Okanagan Valley: two in Kelowna and one in the West Kelowna. We look forward to seeing you in our offices, talking to you on the phone or corresponding through email. If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your personal insurance needs or if you would like a quote, please feel free to contact us.

Get to know our team

Daune Siegmann

Daune Siegmann, Commercial Insurance Advisor

I have been representing The Co‑operators for 12 years. I received my general license in 1998 and then became Life licensed in 2008. I was very fortunate to have been nominated and awarded for Service Excellence in 2001. My focus is helping clients with all their Commercial/Business and Life insurance needs. I value each and every one of my clients and make every effort to maintain the relationships that we have; I think this is important for both myself and for my clients.

Shirley Bonderoff

Shirley Bonderoff, Associate Insurance Advisor

Having been in the insurance industry for over 20 years, I have had opportunities to work with many different people and assist them with their various insurance needs. This industry presents many different challenges and having the opportunity to work through them can be very rewarding.

Louise Macleod

Louise Macleod, Associate Insurance Advisor

I knew when I left high school that I wanted a career where I could help people in a meaningful way. I studied to become a social worker and the skills I learned in that work environment have proven invaluable to me as a parent, office manager and most especially as an Associate Financial Advisor. Whether I am dealing with a tough personal situation or my clients' life goals, it is critical to really understand first and give advice second. I am passionate about taking the time to really understand what is important to my clients and help them find the right products to suit their own unique situations and budgets. The Co‑operators offers me the opportunity to continue the mission I left high school with: to help people in a meaningful way. If you would like to talk about your goals or just want to get a better understanding of your current policy, I am ready to listen to what is important for YOU!

Evelyn Enns

Evelyn Enns, Associate Financial Advisor

I have been representing The Co‑operators since 1994 and have been exposed to most aspects of the industry. I began my insurance career in Airdrie, Alberta and have been part of the Kelowna team since 2004, specializing in Home, Farm, Auto, Travel and Life insurance. I continue to expand my knowledge through continuing education courses. What I enjoy the most is working with people and helping them on a daily basis.

Morris Sobool

Morris Sobool, Associate Insurance Advisor

I began representing The Co‑operators in February 2008, concentrating on Autoplan insurance and an Autoplan Decal Delivery service. This service is used by a wide range of individuals, whether it is a busy executive or someone that for some reason is unable to make it into the office. Because the service has been so well received, it is our goal to promote this more in the future.

Heather Williams, Commercial Insurance Advisor

In 2014, I obtained my level 1 General Insurance Licence. I now have the pleasure of working with the Business insurance team in providing businesses with all their insurance needs.

Shallin Jamil

Shallin Jamil, Associate Insurance Advisor

I am an honest, friendly outgoing person who enjoys hard work and making a difference in how you get insurance. I strongly believe in creating relationships with my clients to determine any insurance needs they may have now and in the future. Currently providing Auto, Home and Travel insurance quotes.

Matthew Hedges

Matthew Hedges, Associate Insurance Advisor

I entered the insurance industry in 2009. Since then, I have progressed through all the lines of insurance (Auto, Home, Business, Life, Accident, Disability, Group Benefits, RRSP, TFSA), which allows me to help my clients with a very holistic approach to their insurance needs. By looking at the big picture, meaning all insurance products, I have effectively helped thousands of residential and business clients meet their financial objectives for retirement, protect their families from financial hardship in the event of disability or the untimely passing of a loved one, and ensure that their property is protected.

I take great pride in my work and will continue to strive to provide my clients with the very best advice.

Ross Johnson

Ross Johnson, Associate Insurance Advisor

I have been in the insurance industry for over 30 years. I have experience in helping people make smart decisions about Life insurance.

Barbara Boyd, Receptionist

I started working for The Co‑operators in December of 2014 in reception. My passion is helping people, whether in person or on the phone. Helping all the people I come in contact with every day is rewarding.

Andrew MacLeod

Andrew MacLeod, Associate Insurance Advisor

I began representing The Co‑operators in November 2014. Since then, I have mainly been focused on our clients' Auto and Home insurance needs. I am also currently going to Okanagan College and working towards a Business Administration Diploma.

Jason Baron, Associate Insurance Advisor

I have recently started my journey in the insurance industry with The Co‑operators. The two things I enjoy most about this profession are working with clients and learning new things every day. I was born and raised in Kelowna and know the local area well. I currently assist clients with their Auto insurance and I am looking forward to completing my Home insurance training this fall.

Ravi Brar, Associate Insurance Advisor

I began representing The Co‑operators in February 2016. Since then, I have mainly been focused on our clients' Auto insurance needs. I want to pursue a career in the insurance industry, and I’m working at obtaining my other licences.

Bria Sangregorio, Associate Insurance Advisor

Although I haven't been representing The Co‑operators long, I am very eager to learn and thankful that I have the opportunity to build an excellent career. I've always dedicated my efforts to providing exceptional client service. I hope to broaden my knowledge in the near future with continuing education in various lines of insurance.

Michelle Wilson, Associate Insurance Advisor

My name is Michelle. I started with The Co‑operators in November 2015, and couldn't be happier. It is a great company to work for that really cares about our community. I am a very outgoing and love to help people. I specialize in Auto, Life, and health insurance. So if you need any of these, come and see me!


Executive Builder 2000 to 2006, 2009, 2014 and 2015
5 Star Agency Award 2001, 2002, 2005 and 2006
Western Region Builder 2000 to 2006, 2011, 2013 and 2014
Western Region #1 Life Producer 2006
Western Region #1 Home Producer 2007, 2009, 2011 & 2015

Western Region #1 Multi Product Client Growth Producer 2015
Level 1 Commercial Producer 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013
Travel Stars Platinum Award 2012, 2013 and 2014
National #1 Home Producer 2009

National #1 Individual Edge Disability Producer 2015

Edge Benefits Outstanding Sales Achievement 2014

Region Multi Line & Client Growth Producer 2014

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Co-operatives like The Co-operators Group Limited connect their values to supporting the communities where they live and work. They are viable businesses that are more concerned with serving your needs than making money, and they look for ways to serve you better by creating ways for you to influence their business decisions. In return, they ensure you have the information you need to make choices that are best for you.

There are hundreds of co-ops benefiting Canadians across the country; all are strong businesses owned and operated by the members who use their services and governed based on shared values. Look for them in your community.

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