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Rachel O'Neil

Buying a home? Car? Planning a family? These life time events can be exciting and worrisome all at the same time! This is where we can help. We would welcome the opportunity to sit down and review your current insurance/financial needs and make recommendations on suitable coverages that are appropriate for your specific needs and budget.

We are a multi-line agency offering a variety of insurance and investment products. Our licensed agents have combined service experience of 23+ years that specialize in home, life, auto, commercial, travel, RSPs, RESPs and investments. I have been representing The Co-operators since '91 and have enjoyed getting to know and work with my clients while looking after their changing insurance needs over the years.

Together we can work to minimize the impacts of financial risks associated with day-to-day living by filling the gaps with our products tailored to your individual needs.

Service excellence is our goal and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. With internationally recognized accreditations like CFP, we can provide you the right means to achieve your goals.

Get to know our team

The insurance professionals on our team are equipped with the latest information to help you better understand your policies and financial plans. You can trust them to ensure that your coverage and investments continue to meet your changing needs.

Why choose co-operatives?

Co-operatives like The Co-operators Group Limited connect their values to supporting the communities where they live and work. They are viable businesses that are more concerned with serving your needs than making money, and they look for ways to serve you better by creating ways for you to influence their business decisions. In return, they ensure you have the information you need to make choices that are best for you.

There are hundreds of co-ops benefiting Canadians across the country; all are strong businesses owned and operated by the members who use their services and governed based on shared values. Look for them in your community.

Why co-ops are better

Support a co-op near you

    We're excited to announce that The Co-operators has been awarded a gold certification by Excellence Canada for our workplace mental health strategy. By creating a mentally healthy workplace for our employees, we better support the financial, physical and psychological wellbeing of the clients and communities we serve. http://theco-op.ca/2xqQcb5
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    "Inaction in adapting to climate change will cost more than action. We can pay less now, or pay more later," said Barbara Turley-McIntyre, our sustainability VP at the 2017 Livable Cities Forum today.
    You don’t want to miss this! With our support, ICLEI Canada is launching Get Ready!, a game that will help you protect your home against extreme weather. Get it soon!
    Can your house survive natural hazards and extreme weather? With our support, ICLEI Canada is introducing a game that’ll teach you ways to build a resilient home. Stay tuned!
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    Watch how CUMIS volunteers provide Food for Life with fresh vegetables every week to fight hunger.
    Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and we encourage you to take one minute to help spread the message that help, hope, and healing are possible. Small moments add up to make a big difference. Take a minute, change a life. https://suicideprevention.ca/wspd/
    Excited that we've been awarded a gold certification by @ExcellenceCan for our workplace mental health strategy.… https://t.co/HY2enBPnGC
    Colourful leaves, crisp air, cosy sweaters... #Fall is here! Find out more about today's #autumn #equinox2017… https://t.co/QVP5xFG0Tf
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