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Connecting to our community

At The Co-operators, we believe the world is a better place when we take care of the things that matter most. We help build stronger, safer communities by actively supporting issues like distraction-free driving, mental health, flood safety, and sustainability.

Ask us about our community involvement and our national safety initiative Drive out Distraction. Distracted driving is a factor in one in every four crashes and is increasingly putting our communities at risk. We all play an important role in making our roads safer and you can help by taking our distraction-free driving pledge.

Check out some of our other partnerships like In Your Face and Interactive with award-winning drummer Mitch Dorge from the Crash Test Dummies (available in English only); and Kids Help Phone. Both help support and educate young people in our communities.

Our community

Working collaboratively with Canadian communities is what being a co-operative is all about. We're called the Canadian champion because we're invested in hard-working regions from coast to coast, and we're making a difference.



We love to support community initiatives! In 2006, Declan was honoured to receive the “100 people, 100 reasons” award, recognizing people who make Saskatoon a great place to live. He was also the fundraising chairperson for the SaskTel Sport Centre in University Heights, raising over $7 million from industry, government and the community. Mr. O'Reilly has been an active soccer coach for over 14 years in Saskatoon, coaching a diverse range of age groups and skill levels. Declan continues to strive to be an active member of the Saskatoon community and promotes this attitude in his work environment as well.



O'Reilly Insurance Ltd proudly supports the arts and local community. While you're in our office for a visit, be sure to view the featured gallery of artwork displayed on our walls. We periodically rotate artwork collections created by local talent. Watch for updates on our Facebook page and drop by any time to see the featured collection.



Follow our Co-operators page, Facebook, Twitter, and our blog to check out our ongoing effort to connect with our community.

13th Annual Luncheon En Vogue - Saskatoon Sexual Assault & Information Centre

Some of our O'Reilly Insurance staff and friends had the privilege to attend the 13th Annual Luncheon en Vogue for the Saskatoon Sexual Assault & Information Centre on Friday October 14. This is a fundraising event that we have been attending for the past few years.


"Funds raised from the Luncheon en Vogue event will support SSAIC’s public education programs including “I’m the Boss of Me”, SSAIC’s child sexual abuse prevention program delivered to Grade 4 children in the Saskatoon school region annually between January and April, and may also be used to support our overall operating expenses" - SSAIC


Not only does this support a very important organization in Saskatoon but the event is fun too! The luncheon includes a tasty buffet at TCU Place, a silent auction, a guest speaker with a touching message, and a fashion show. The fashion show features seasonal clothing by local retailers and the models are members of our very own Saskatoon Police! Super cool!


We encourage you to learn more about the Saskatoon Sexual Assault & Information centre at And, if you get a chance, attend the luncheon next year!

In 2015, The Co-operators contributed $5.8 million to support Canadian community groups.

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    Next staff member is Jennifer. She has been in the biz for a long time....she also was a nurse 💉💊 who better than to get life, health and travel advice from?!
    As lovely as this warm weather damming can happen to a lot of homes in our province during this cold to warm, warm to cold weather. ☀️❄️ If you think you may have ice damming, give us a call! Below is an article (although, slightly a few years old) has great information on how to prevent it and approximately how ice damming claims have risen in the last several years!
    Sometimes, we do not want to bore our clients about just insurance. We want our clients to know we are customers just like them! 😄 For the next several weeks, every Friday...we will post about one of our staff members with some odd questions, some to do with insurance, some personal. We hope you enjoy getting to know us, like we enjoy getting to know you! First staff member is our Farm Guru = Gordon Ross #saskroughridernumber1fan #riderpride #ilovecombines #fatburger
    As Canadians, we’re no strangers to rough weather. Planning ahead is the best way to make it through power outages or severe weather events. Beat the storm with this 72-hour emergency kit ❄
    Our office is closed on Monday for NY! 🎉 We will be open tomorrow from 9am-5pm and resume regular business hours on Tuesday, Jan.2nd From all of us here at O'Reilly! Thank you for a wonderful 2017! We look forward to another year being your one place for insurance needs. #yxe #insurance #wehavethebestclients
    Declan aka Santa O'Reilly is currently in London 🇬🇧, he will be back in Saskatoon in just a few weeks. If only Santa was real, rather than toys, the presents would be vacations, time off, and someone to do all our chores. Our office and clients definitely miss having him around.
    Did you know that we sell Travel Insurance! ✈️ ▪️We have several travel plans to choose from to ensure you are properly covered on your getaway ▪️We also offer plans for Visitors to Canada in case you have family or friends coming to visit and require health insurance ▪️Unpredictable things come up all the time, you can add trip cancellation or interruption to your quote. ▪️Bonus*** If you are member of The Federated Co-op AKA The Co-op Grocery store, let us know! You'll get a discount Contact us today before you head off to your winter holiday!
    We had our annual Christmas Party this past weekend! Thank you Tony & Brenda for hosting in your beautiful home. We definitely missed a couple of faces, wishing Declan O'Reilly & Lisa were with us! ❄️🎄
    Who remembers these? 🕯️🎄 Fantastic Tradition = Major Fire Hazard 🔥 #thankgoodnessforprelittrees
    Wow! What a surprise for the homeowners after the windstorm. 🌬 If you have property damage from the storm, please call our office ☎️ and we’ll help you on what the next step should be!
    Tenant insurance, how important is it? #insurance #renting
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