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Connecting to our community

At The Co-operators, we believe the world is a better place when we take care of the things that matter most. We help build stronger, safer communities by actively supporting issues like distraction-free driving, mental health, flood safety, and sustainability.

Ask us about our community involvement and our national safety initiative Drive out Distraction. Distracted driving is a factor in one in every four crashes and is increasingly putting our communities at risk. We all play an important role in making our roads safer and you can help by taking our distraction-free driving pledge.

Check out some of our other partnerships like In Your Face and Interactive with award-winning drummer Mitch Dorge from the Crash Test Dummies (available in English only); and Kids Help Phone. Both help support and educate young people in our communities.

In 2015, The Co-operators contributed $5.8 million to support Canadian community groups.

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    We're excited to announce that The Co-operators has been awarded a gold certification by Excellence Canada for our workplace mental health strategy. By creating a mentally healthy workplace for our employees, we better support the financial, physical and psychological wellbeing of the clients and communities we serve. http://theco-op.ca/2xqQcb5
    Colourful leaves, crisp air, cosy sweaters... Fall is here! Find out more about today's autumn equinox. http://bddy.me/2fGjuZi
    Introducing ‘Get Ready!’- the app that makes learning a game & teaches you how to prepare your home for natural hazards & extreme weather. Download it now on the App Store, Google Play, & www.getreadygame.com! With our support, ICLEI Canada created this game to help increase Canadians’ resilience.
    "Inaction in adapting to climate change will cost more than action. We can pay less now, or pay more later," said Barbara Turley-McIntyre, our sustainability VP at the 2017 Livable Cities Forum today.
    You don’t want to miss this! With our support, ICLEI Canada is launching Get Ready!, a game that will help you protect your home against extreme weather. Get it soon!
    Can your house survive natural hazards and extreme weather? With our support, ICLEI Canada is introducing a game that’ll teach you ways to build a resilient home. Stay tuned!
    For their well-being and yours, help them stay positive.
    It makes your life harder and creates extra stress you don't need. Why do you do it? Find out more about procrastination.
    Watch how CUMIS volunteers provide Food for Life with fresh vegetables every week to fight hunger.
    Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and we encourage you to take one minute to help spread the message that help, hope, and healing are possible. Small moments add up to make a big difference. Take a minute, change a life. https://suicideprevention.ca/wspd/
    Excited that we've been awarded a gold certification by @ExcellenceCan for our workplace mental health strategy.… https://t.co/HY2enBPnGC
    Colourful leaves, crisp air, cosy sweaters... #Fall is here! Find out more about today's #autumn #equinox2017… https://t.co/QVP5xFG0Tf
    Check out the new #homehazardpreparedness app #GetReadyGame! Available in the App Store, Google Play, and at… https://t.co/jq1FjjtFvV
    Inaction in adapting to #climatechange now will ultimately cost more than action. - said our sustainability VP at… https://t.co/7gqase3YiV
    Have you heard? Something’s launching soon that you won’t want to miss #GetReadyGame https://t.co/oKSLyT36NQ
    If a storm hits, will your house be ready? T-minus 3 days until #GetReadyGame launches! @ICLEI_Canada https://t.co/o0WFuTtPi2
    Cracking down on the chemicals in your life? Make your own chemical-free laundry detergent! https://t.co/BX0fRRDTFP https://t.co/CLVn6cSzfE

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