Versatile Portfolios™

Segregated funds from The Co-operators are an excellent alternative to conventional mutual funds. Like their mutual fund counterparts, segregated portfolios offer a range of investment objectives and categories of securities including equities, bonds and balanced funds. However, segregated funds also come with some unique benefits.

Guarantee on Principal

The most attractive feature of segregated funds is their guarantee on up to 100%* at maturity and death. This makes segregated funds a more secure investment option than mutual funds or stocks. For more benefits of segregated funds and to see how you can get a 100% guarantee, see our Segregated Funds Benefits page.

*Our minimum guarantee of 75% applies to RESPs and any contributions made after age 75.

Investing with The Co-operators

Our Portfolio Funds bring together a number of funds that are appropriate for the same risk level. Once you determine your risk level, you’ll be pointed to the appropriate Co-operators Portfolio for you.

Socially Responsible Investments (SRIs)

You can make a difference in the world by only investing in companies that offer environmentally friendly products and employ sustainable business practices. The new technologies that these firms offer, and the ever-increasing demand for green products in the global marketplace, make our Socially Responsible Portfolio Funds a great choice not just for the earth, but also for your investment portfolio. We offer other socially responsible options under Balanced Funds, Canadian Equity Funds, and Foreign Equity Funds as well.

Balanced, Fixed Income, Canadian Equity and Foreign Equity Funds

Examine individual fund performance on our Canadian Funds, Foreign Funds, and Balanced Funds pages. Many of these individual funds are also included in our Portfolio Funds and Socially Responsible Portfolio Funds as well.

Pooled Investment Funds Financial Statements

Our most recent financial statements are available for download below.

Note: December financial statements are audited and June financial statements are unaudited.

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Variable interest rate
A variable rate option (VRO) account ensures that your plan keeps pace with current interest rates. Because these rates may change frequently, interest is credited each day.

Guaranteed interest rate
The guaranteed rate option (GRO) account allows you to choose a fixed period of up to five years, during which interest is guaranteed for the length of the term and compounded annually.

Versatile Portfolios™ Products
The Co-operators has several Versatile PortfoliosTM products available for new clients to choose from:

Please visit here to help determine which product may be suited to your current financial needs!

Our Versatile Asset® series of products are no longer available for sale to new clients.  Individuals currently holding these products are able to continue to contribute to their policy and receive the same outstanding fund choices as clients under the Versatile Portfolios™ products.  Returns and daily unit values are continuously updated for all products for your convenience.