Am I covered for water damage?

If you have Extended Water Coverage as part of your home policy, you’re covered for some types of sewer backups, which are one of the main causes of water damage during major storms. To protect your home against water damage, keep your property well drained, maintain the weeping tiles and clear eaves troughs regularly. Contact your Financial Advisor for more information about coverage for water damage.

Find out more about your risk of flooding and how to prevent or minimize water damage.

Do I have flood insurance?

Alberta residents can now add flood insurance to their Home policies.

Comprehensive Water coverage replaces the current Extended Water coverage to provide the most complete water damage insurance, including coverage for floods. Whether water enters your home through sewer/septic/water backup, through doors or windows from extreme rain, or from a nearby body of water (such as a creek or river), it’s covered with Comprehensive Water.

Do I have coverage for mould?

Most home insurance policies do not cover mould, which can damage your property and cause health problems, particularly for those with asthma or allergies. Controlling indoor moisture is the best way to prevent mould, which forms on damp areas like bathroom walls, basements and wooden window frames. If you discover mould, hire a restoration contractor experienced in removing it safely.