Change is in your hands

With so much to protect, don’t wait for a tragedy to change the way you drive. Take the pledge and share your commitment to distraction-free driving.

Behind the wheel, there's no such thing as a quick text, an important phone call or the myth that we can multi-task. The risks associated with distracted driving are too great and the consequences too severe. Together, we can help eliminate the dangers of distracted driving. Demonstrate your commitment to distraction-free driving and show your support by sharing this message with your family and friends. Our roads connect us; together, we can keep them safe.

I pledge to drive distraction-free and focus on the road.

Pledges made:


In partnership with the Traffic Injury Research Foundation and Drop It And Drive™, we have a plan of action to raise awareness and encourage Canadians to change their driving habits. Our program, Drive out Distraction, will play an active role in the national conversation and focus on combatting distracted driving.

Drive out distraction